About the project

The Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP) is a public institution under the French Ministry of Culture. It fosters and supports artistic creation in France in all areas of the visual arts: painting, performance art, sculpture, photography, installation art, video, multimedia, graphic arts, design and graphic design. This publication offers a plunge into the heart of the creative process and to observe, by following the history of this unique collection, the art in the making.


Sewn softcover brochure with flaps.


175 gsm colored cover Colorplan paper was chosen for the cover of the brochure. Sections from 130 gsm bulky coated Arctic Volume Ivory paper and 90 gsm premium uncoated Munken Print White paper varies inside the book block.

Technical information

Sewn softcover brochure with flaps. Colored paper of the cover was printed with black ink in offset printing technology and fragments of white color was applied by silk screen printing. Sections of alternating uncoated and coated paper separates different chapters of the book.